I have a dental splint behind my teeth - can I still get a grill?

Yes, that’s no problem for us. We’ll make sure the grill fits perfectly and doesn’t affect the wire.

how do I attach the grill to my teeth?

Some of the grillz we make fit so well you can simply snap them onto your teeth, but we always recommend to secure them with a bit of glue so they don’t fall out.

what materials are used?

We use solid gold or germanium silver (some might know it as “dental silver”. Because normal silver isn’t really suitable for in the mouth, we use a special alloy to prevent discoloration.

do you make permanent grillz too?

No, we don’t. We create grill caps you can temporarily put onto your teeth. Although we do work together with professional dentists, we’re not a medical institution. Please contact your dentist if you want a permanent solution.

can I eat or drink while wearing my grill?

We do not recommend eating with your grill in, because it’s not a prosthesis and it will damage the metal. Drinking is OK, but the metal may discolor over time.

does a grill harm my teeth?

No, the grill will not harm your teeth. If you do feel an unpleasant pressure on your teeth/gums, please contact us!

do I need a gap between my teeth to get a gap filler?

No, you don’t. We will place the gap filler on top of your teeth. It doesn’t create a gap either.

can you send me a mold kit, so I don't need to visit your shop?

Unfortunately not. We don’t use mold kits, because we want to ensure the dental impression is of high quality and your grill will fit like a glove.


can I pay after receiving my product(s)?

It’s not possible to pay for a product from our online store after receiving it. For custom items we ask for a payment of 50% in advance. You will pay for the other 50% after seeing the result at our studio.

how long will it take to receive my product(s)?

It depends. Stock items will be shipped within 1-7 business days. A custom order will take longer than a stock item. For grillz, we strive to finish them within 2-3 weeks. It could take a bit longer if it’s a complicated design/we need to ice the grill (set stones/diamonds).

do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. For international shipments, there may be duties and taxes incurred on your shipment that you will be responsible for. 053grillz does not have any control over these fees and cannot advise as to what the costs will be, as they vary from country to country. For more information, please contact your local customs office. Also, please note we can’t be held responsible for any delays, damage or loss once the package has left our workhop and is transferred to our carrier.